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4 Reasons: Why Some Jewellery Are Expensive Than Others?

Human culture is enduring with the beautiful n exquisite jewelry as it has become an integral part of the society. Wearing jewelry makes it look better and enhances your personality in every manner.

There are certain reasons which will state how some jewelry is different from others. There are various reasons which will show you and have an impact on the jewelry. There is inexpensive and exquisite jewelry that has many differences.

  • Quality Of The Metal Used

It is one of the foremost reasons which will differentiate the price of the jeweler from one another. There are different kinds of metals like gold, silver, platinum, etc., which are commonly used to make fine-quality jewelry.

If you are planning to buy jewelry made of gold, then it will automatically raise your price as it requires a higher cost of production in the making. It also becomes parallel to the demand of the people, as more demand will raise the price automatically.

  • Quantity Of The Metal Used

There is a certain amount of metal that can be used in pieces. This will decide your price range for the jewelry. As for smaller jewelry, pieces like rings will require a small quantity of material which will be less expensive than the other bigger jewelry sets.

You can save your money by using the valuable metal outside your jewelry, like a wolf necklace. However, this jewelry piece is made with higher quality jewelry that will require more coating, which will raise the price of the metal. So, one should always decide the amount of quantity by looking at the market price.

  • Craftsmanship

When a piece of jewelry is made, every detail should be taken into mind in order to make it exquisite. Every piece of jewelry is fit nicely when it is placed in the right position and manner to make it secure. Looking at all the minor details is a good sign of craftsmanship.

As with fine details of the jewelry, the craftsmanship makes it more chargeable and expensive for the jewelers. However, you will see that handcrafted jewelry will be in a high range compared to commercially produced jewelry sets.

  • Brands

This is a huge industry that has many brands and competitors which are recognized in the market. Depending on their brand name and quality, their products are being charged differently. Therefore, one should always choose the jewelry from a well-known jeweler in order to get an accurate piece.

Getting it from a famous brand or jeweler is seen as a status symbol for the person as there is a sense of security and safety by taking the jewelry from the famous brands as they give a sense of reliability and guarantee.


Thus, there are different aspects that make a difference in the price of the jewelry. One should always remember to visit reliable jewelers or brands to buy expensive jewelry as it gives a sense of reliability to get the jewelry from a secure place.

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