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5 Things To Check To Know Authenticity Of Luxury Watches 

Want to purchase a branded watch from a reputed manufacturer? Not from a reputable online vendor or brand’s physical stores? Concerned that the item one is purchasing might not be entirely genuine? Well, this is a common dilemma among many people. 

Here are some of the factors that one should pay attention to while buying eat watches to identify replica watches from original watches:

Weight of the watch

Crystal, gold, and precious stones are used to construct branded watches. Additionally, they contain a dozen tiny significant moving parts that add weight and durability to the one branded watch. This is absent from a typical watch, which is also far less substantial, solid, and long-lasting. An authentic watch will always weigh more than a replica watch, and there will always be a significant weight differential between the two.

The overall quality of the watch

One of the crucial things that will be visibly different about a watch is its quality. A replica may not be as high-quality as the original timepiece. One should check any discrepancy regarding the make of the watch, like edges, markings, and engravings. Additionally, check that the watch’s clasp or buckle and watch needles are guided with the help of the screws that change the time. Search for any more mistakes, including improper stamps and misspelled words. Additionally, it’s crucial to ensure that the markings are legible, well engraved, and do not fade over time, which only occurs with fake watches. Additionally, as materials of inferior quality produce the imitation watch, the color may be noticeably different. 

Watch ticking noise

A genuine watch won’t tick or make any other noises. This is because it comprises small components that were carefully put together to make the ultimate watch mechanism. Replicas, on the other hand, are devoid of this characteristic and will make ticking noises that are easily audible by putting the watch next to the ear.

Check product details and descriptions

Before buying, it is necessary to study the products’ descriptions in detail. One should visit the official page of the watch and read the product descriptions and other details of the timepiece. Also, read about the must-have markings, engravings, etc., on an authentic watch. This will help compare the watches and will help segregate the fake ones from the real ones. 

Model and serial number

The serial numbers on the bracelet and watch case should be identical if the watch is authentic. Add together these figures to tell a genuine watch from a fake one. One could also look behind the watch’s dial because the serial number is sometimes written there. Another way to compare the original and fake watches is by knowing the model number. Every brand and its original watch type will have a model number that will only be known to the manufacturer. Fake watches cannot copy these model numbers. 

Choosing a genuine luxury watch takes time and effort if one does not want to make a rash decision and buy a fake one. 

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