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Finding The Easy Ways To Lose Weight That Will Work For You

With the way our society is set up today in the developed world, food is everywhere around us, in all kinds of delectable forms and colors dripping with yummy calories and over the top amounts of sodium and fats; and what do we do???—–we eat it. Food is our comfort blanket, our thumb sucking substitute when things are tough; and it tastes good—-so we eat and eat without regard for our poor systems that have to deal with this caloric onslaught. So most of us eventually reach a point in our lives that we are too heavy and uncomfortable so we start looking for easy ways to lose weight to solve the problem.

One of the biggest culprits in hindering a weight loss plan, is the ingestion of red meat. A great percentage of our diet revolves around red meat: whether as sizzling steaks, or juicy hamburgers, or comforting stews and roasts; all of which can carry lots of calories pound for pound, and a high percentage of fats of the worst kind. If you are serious in losing weight, then one of the easy ways to lose weight is to substitute chicken and seafood and fish for the red meat in your diet, and make sure you have them grilled or baked or steamed, not fried or smothered in gravies and high calorie sauces.

And up pops the ugly head of the specter of the fried food world: don’t even think about it. Leave the world of fried foods behind in your quest for the new and thinner you, and you will be much better off. Doing away with all forms of fried foods on a continuous basis is definitely one of the easy ways to lose weight because you are eliminating all that fat and trans fat interference that comes with every grease laden serving of fried chicken, fries, onion rings, fried fish—–you name it—–if you fry it, forget it. Our national diet is such and our dining out mentality has been brainwashed to the point that even if you ordered a boiled sock for dinner, you would get fries with it. Talk about killing yourself from the inside out, never mind not ever being able to lose weight effectively.

So when you are thinking about easy ways to lose weight, one of the first things that should enter your mind when you enter a restaurant is how to curb your appetite before you overdo it with a gargantuan meal accompanied by appetizers, calorie laden drinks, and maybe dessert. If you are serious about losing weight and want to do something about it, then start your meals with either soup or salad. The reason being that either one will start to fill you up with a lower calorie ratio and not only will you be fooling your brain into feeling full, but you will also be filling your belly with fiber which is a beneficial route to take. A word to the wise: don’t have cream based soups—-make it a broth based or tomato based soup so you go easy on the calories but still have the satisfaction of something warm and filling going into your system.

Okay, the main meal is over—-or it’s mid afternoon, and you want something sweet. What’s the first thing that comes into your mind to satisfy you——-fruit?? Should be. Reach for a piece of fruit when you want something sweet, and steer clear of all that chocolatey gooey creamy dietary disasters that we so readily eat when we are starving or just when we want a taste of sweet after a meal. Your waistline and your overall health will thank you when you include fruit in your diet as your source of sweetness. And it’s a no brainer: it’s one of the easy ways to lose weight and you will come to prefer fruits over the heavy sweets after a time.

The next group to consider when you are searching for easy ways to lose weight is the drinks category. They can be a great help in flushing your system and reducing your appetite and cravings, that is, if you are choosing water: or they can put pound after pound onto your already overloaded frame if you are drinking sugared drinks and alcoholic drinks with abandon. Think about it: many people reach for a sugared soda as a refresher when they need a pick me up, and all they are doing is pouring empty calories into their bodies to be converted later into fat—–not smart. Water is the ruler of the weight loss empire, and if you are put off with drinking plain water, any of the flavored waters will do just as well, or mineral waters work well too. And about the alcohol consumption, for obvious reasons, a little goes a long way: alcohol is also empty calories and can add serious weight if consumed regularly over a period of time, so if you are determined to lose weight—-watch your consumption, or better yet, stop drinking alcohol altogether.

Weight loss can be difficult and it takes a lot of dedication and hard work to lose those unwanted pounds and then maintain the loss. There are lots of easy ways to lose weight, but the main ones are to take in less calories than you are now by changing what you eat; burn more calories than you are now, by exercising more; get rid of your intake of harmful foodstuffs and alcohol and increase you consumption of water. All of these factors will promote your loss of weight and will help you maintain that weight loss over time.

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