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Follow this simple method to transcribe your videos to texts easily online

If you are a content creator, you must know the value of adding subtitles to your videos or transcribing them to texts. IT giants like Microsoft, Apple Inc, and Google are using these methods for voice-to-text recognition. And they have incorporated the same in their gadgets. So, why are you left behind in terms of modern armor? 

A transcript helps your videos to be more interactive and understandable as well. Suppose you are from a non-English speaking nation, and you have made a video on YouTube about a particular topic. While you wait for an audience to arrive at your channel, someone else with the power of a transcript may steal your views. This is the power of a transcript to internet content.

Why need to transcribe videos?

You may have understood the example that we provided you above. But you think being from an English-speaking nation, your videos don’t need a transcription. Well, you may be wrong for many reasons for it. So, in this section, we will discuss why you need to transcribe your videos.

  1. Transcription helps the videos add subtitles that make the video more engaging for the audience.
  2. If you have content that you want to share with an accessible audience, you must understand that there is always a language barrier. People finding it hard to follow the accent lose their interest in watching or engaging with the content. The reason why many content creators face a backlash and limited viewership.
  3. Transcribing a video also helps the audience with hearing disabilities. 
  4. Many people prefer to watch a video without sound. Transcribing the video benefits them by engaging with the content as well 

How to easily transcribe a video online

Several tools like the video-to-text converter online can help you with transcribing. There are, of course, Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Android speech-to-text converters available. But if you are looking for a video to text converter and use the transcript as subtitles in real-time, you may find several online tools on the internet.

The steps to convert a video to text are quite simple. You can find any online converter by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open your browser, type online video to text converter, and click the go button.
  2. The search engine will list the relevant and popular converters with their information.
  3. Select any one of your choices and proceed to enter the website.
  4. Almost all the video-to-text converters online follow the same format when it comes to transcription.
  5. Choose a video file to upload in the section. You can either upload the video or drag and drop it in the section.
  6. Proceed further by clicking on the transcribe video to text option. This engine will convert the audio into a text file and prompt you upon finishing.
  7. Once the transcribing finishes, you can download the document in .txt format.
  8. Upload the .txt format or convert it into a .docx file to translate it into other languages.
  9. Once everything is set up, you can now introduce the video on a streaming app with the text files as subtitles in a different language.

These transcriptions can be added as subtitles that will work in real-time to make your content attractive and engaging. You can also select your font size and style to appeal to the audience and viewers. You can manually do the proof-checking and add custom words like a brand. 

There are other tools also available with which you can edit your videos, remove background noises, and add templates and animations to make your videos much more attractive.

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