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How to Overcome First Date Nerves? An Easy Guide for the Assothsmope Generation

First dates can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re part of the assothsmope generation. The key is to stay calm and focus on enjoying yourself. Here are some easy strategies to help you get past your first date jitters and have a great time.

1. Prepare Ahead Of Time

Preparing ahead of time is one of the best ways to ease first-date nerves. Take some time beforehand to think about topics of conversation that you could bring up, potential jokes or funny stories, and activities that both of you might enjoy doing together. This will give you confidence in making a good impression and keeping the conversation flowing. It will also help take your mind off any worries so that you can relax and have fun on your date.

2. Make A List Of Positive Affirmations

Everyone experiences doubt before a big event like a first date – it’s natural! To combat this, try making a list of positive affirmations that remind yourself how awesome you are and why someone would be lucky to go out with you. Focus on what makes you unique and write down all the great qualities that make up who you are as an individual; reminding yourself why someone should be excited to meet you!

3. Choose Your Outfit Carefully

Your outfit plays an important role in how confident and comfortable you feel on your date: choose something that makes YOU feel attractive while still being appropriate for the occasion – don’t forget about dress codes when applicable! It may also help if a particular item or accessory has been giving you compliments whenever worn – wear it on your first date! Doing this will give an extra boost in self-esteem, which will be useful when trying to overcome first-date nerves.

4. Get Some Exercise Beforehand

Exercising before going out can do wonders for the pre-date jitters; by releasing endorphins through physical activity such as walking, running, or cycling, we can significantly reduce our anxiety levels, helping us to feel more relaxed during our events – perfect for those brave enough to go out on their first date! Exercise is also beneficial because it burns off excess energy, which can otherwise cause us to fidget nervously during meetings with our dates, which isn’t ideal if we want them to see us at our best!

5. Talk to someone you trust

Having someone supportive around you before your date can be immensely helpful in dealing with pre-date nerves: whether it’s just a quick chat on the phone or meeting them in person, talking through any anxieties with someone who understands us well goes a long way towards preparing us mentally (and emotionally) for what we’re going to face later that day/evening – so never underestimate the power of strong support systems from friends/family, etc.

6. Music can help too!

Music has been scientifically proven to be an effective tool for reducing stress levels; listening to tunes that evoke pleasant memories, such as childhood songs or happy moments spent with loved ones, often helps to create a calm environment within us, even in the midst of chaotic surroundings – put on some soothing music just before you leave the house (or wherever) & let its soothing effect help to combat knotty feelings in the stomach (which usually accompany the initial stages leading up to the actual date).

7. Stay in the moment and relax

The best thing about being present on dates, rather than dwelling too much on the past/future, is that not only does it make conversations much smoother, but it also allows the people involved to focus solely on their current interactions, rather than worrying unnecessarily about other things outside the immediate context, e.g. thinking “Is my outfit OK? Did they notice anything wrong with what I said earlier? What did they mean by THAT statement? Does s/he like me? ..etc etc etc “. All these questions tend to clutter the mind, causing us not to concentrate fully on momentary engagements, thus missing the real essence behind the whole experience, so remember: once you have finally arrived, try to stay in the here&now, instead of worrying endlessly about future affairs!

8. Have a good time! Last but not least

Last but not least, don’t forget to enjoy yourself! Taking the pressure off the notion of ‘this has to turn into a relationship’ & simply appreciating the company while gaining new insights into different personalities definitely enhances the overall experience, thus helping people to meet again (if desired) rather than feeling terribly discouraged after the event. With the right attitude & a bit of luck, nothing can stop participants from having a wonderful time, so go out boldly yet wisely & show the world the true magic that two strangers are capable of creating when together 🙂

In conclusion, overcoming first date nerves doesn’t have to be difficult if you follow these simple tips outlined above: prepare ahead of time, make a list of positive affirmations, choose outfits carefully plus listen to music, talk to trusted people & most importantly stay present during the proceedings while keeping the mood upbeat throughout!

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