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How to use the sexual energy for manifesting and healing… – Altered States Meditation

Our civilisation is very restrictive. In my opinion it comes from attempts to control others and the most powerful way to do it, is to limit access to what humans want and need. We all need and want to have sex and money. Sexual drive is a deeply seeded survival instinct and not using or at least transmuting this energy may cause significant life pressure. In our current civilisation the money is simply necessary to survive. It is easy to see why all people need both to be happy and enjoy life.

Religions, government and all types of organizations focused their power on controlling access to sex to increase their own power, to the point that many of us want sex and at the same time feel guilty and judged, even just wanting it.

Abraham rightfully calls sex energy just an energy. Everything really is energy and sex energy is not that different. It could bring a lot of life enjoyment, buy it also some qualities not known that well, because most of people simply focus on having sex and orgasm. You can however use sexual energy in a much deeper way, for healing and manifesting of what you really want.

Isn’t it interesting that energy that created you, which also created the world and continuously supports your existence, is by some hidden inner layer of subconscious mind programming often seen as wrong or even sinful? You might not agree with this thinking that you are free from those limitations, but a program may still be hiding in your subconscious mind.

Many people might feel lucky to be raised in an open minded environment, so they would not experience this limiting programming. For many it was not an option, but it is good to understand that if you have this specific energy block, it is because you did choose to heal it in this life and by doing so, you could reach even further than a person that does not need to work on it. It is simply because each energy has duality and whatever is the limitation, also has a huge potential to be your source of power.

I was born in a strictly catholic country, so I became soaked by the Christian guilt, just by living there. It simply was in the air, which I was breathing in. It is a life long process to release and transform it, yet whatever is the challenge that we all face, also could be a source of an amazing transformation and discovery of your own power, through your conscious healing process.

I will write another blog about my own spiritual discoveries, but I outlined her how you could use your sensuality to transform your life. I directly experienced all what I describe here, therefore I know that it works. I was not indoctrinated into any cult, religion or secret society. It came from my own life experiences, that were divinely inspired and further clarified by non-physical and physical teachers. Sometimes one word or image passed to me by my spiritual masters triggers a chain of finding leading to new options in life.

What is important

  • You create your life based on principles thought by Abraham Hicks in ‘The Law of Attraction’
  • The manifesting and healing is slowed down by your own resistance created by logical mind and thought processes.
  • You can release the resistance and you also can add more powerful energy to heal and manifest your desires.

Sexual energy flows like a water around any obstacles and has an extremely strong capability to help you to manifest what you want. If some routes are blocked, it will simply flow in another way and it cannot be stopped or blocked. That is what is unique about this energy.

Five steps to heal or manifest using sexual energy

Preparation stage – raising the sensuality

The goal is to maximise the accumulation of sexual energy in the root/sacral chakra. The leading chakra is your sacral, but for many people accumulation may also be felt strongly at the root level. It really is irrelevant where do you feel it, as we all are slightly different.

My personal preference is to work with a partner to raise the sexual energy, but it is not required. You also do not need to reach the state of orgasm, to achieve your manifesting goals or to create the healing, however you may venture into it in the fourth stage, if you wanted to. To raise your sexual energy you simply need to focus on sensuality and support it with exercises listed below. As you focus your mind on what excites you, on what you simply associate with great sex, your energy will raise.


Most of tantric massage techniques are very helpful. If you are not familiar with it, you can just move energy with your hands, massaging the body muscles or moving hands just above the skin level (for people who do not tolerate any touch), helping to accumulate more and more of sexual energy. You start at the bottom of feet and move/massage legs up and guide the energy toward the root and sacral chakra. Than you do similar movement/massage starting with hands, arms, top of the head and flowing down through all chakras toward sacral chakra. As you do it, imagine the energy movement and accumulation of it. It is very beneficial to move the energy through the kidneys to increase natural clearing, in particular when you move it from the upper body area.

Make clock wise circles with your hand at the sacral chakra (front and back of the body – back of the body might be easier, if you do not know well your partner). Sacral chakra is located between your navel solar plexus and the root chakra. If you are sensitive to the energy, you will immediately feel that this area becomes hot, when you focus your thoughts on sensuality. When you do this exercise with another person, it usually creates a much higher energetic level, not to mention that it is more pleasurable.

At this stage you just consciously accumulate sexual energy at the root/sacral chakra, raising your sensuality.

It is important to recognise that sexual energy is also the love energy, therefore focusing on what you love does enhance your results and the experience. You can do it in waves – raising sexual energy and then focusing on what you love and switching back to sensuality. When you choose subject representing what you love, you should choose the subject that does not create ambivalent feelings. If you send love to your partner, focus on his/her higher self, rather than on this specific incarnation, that might not be perfect. You may also imagine making love to your new imaginary soulmate, even if you did not find one yet.

Stage two – moving accumulated energy to the extended heart chakra

Use your heart chakra as the final container for the accumulated energy. Expanded heart chakra includes solar plexus and throat chakra. You can repeat accumulating the energy in the sacral/root chakra 2-3 times and move it to more permanent storage at the expanded heart chakra. You might feel at certain point, that you cannot accumulate any more energy at the heart level and this is the time to move to the stage three.

At this point nearly all your chakras are very active and once you accumulated significant amount of energy, which usually you can feel, it is time to move forward. If you overflow heart chakra beyond its capacity, the energy simply leaks, so there is no danger. As you keep working with energy, your personal capacity to accumulate more energy will increase.


Guide the energy with your hands and imagination from the sacral/root area to expanded heart chakra. Use very fluid and slow movement at the front and/or back of the body, do not rush at any stage.

Stage three for Manifesting

Focus on what you want to manifest using flow dreaming. You imagine what you want in your third eye chakra. As you imagine it, it has to produce feelings, positive emotions. Just the image is not sufficient to trigger a really strong manifesting. You also start connecting expanded heart chakra to your third eye, feeding the energy to your vision, but you do not use all of it. You kind of expand energy from heart chakra to the third eye. Usually it adds bright colours or other sensations, but the most important is to experience positive emotions created by your vision, as it is the main source for the coming manifestation or healing.

Stage three for Healing

To trigger the healing process imagine in your third eye area results you want to accomplish and how it would feel. The emotions, positive feelings is essential for the process to fully work.

Communicate in your mind with the community of your cells to accept the healing energy you will direct there, to assist the healing. Clearly express the results you would like to achieve working with intelligent, co-operative community of cells of your body. Express in your thoughts and feelings your appreciation for your body and send it love. This is the best of what you have at the physical level.

State in your mind – I allow myself to be healed and use other positive affirmations that you love. Imagine how it will feel once you are healed, how your family and loved once will react to it. How elated you will feel being healthy.

Stage Four for Manifesting

Move all accumulated energy into pineal gland, behind your third eye chakra and project it as vibrations into the Universe caring with it your emotions, images, desires.

If you intend to experience orgasm, you can do it at this expansion stage, as it intensifies energy flow, but it is not really required and it is your personal choice depending also on circumstances related to how you do the exercise. If you experience orgasm try to come into it slowly, prolong it and use it as final energy wave send for manifesting.

Stage Four for Healing

Move all accumulated energy through pineal gland, behind the third eye chakra sending it into the part of your body that requires healing. Include positive emotions, feelings, imaginary, positive affirmations.

If you experience orgasm arrive at it slowly, prolong it and use it to send the final massive wave of healing energy.

Stage Five – closing

In both cases you clearly feel that you did send a powerful wave of energy. For manifesting it is directed outside to trigger all co-operative components, creating situations supporting you, meeting new friends, a lover or a soul-mate. For healing it is directed inward, to your body to lay new pipes transmitting healing energy that is send to you all the time, but that sometimes is blocked at the unconscious level.

Orgasm can be experienced as a top wave of energy you are sending and if you decide to experience it, do not rush into it and try ride it as long as possible.

After sending the energy wave allow the energy to balance and stabilise in your body in natural way. If you feel pain or discomfort, it is usually related to existing energy blocks. You can receive hands on assistance from one of Reiki/energy healing practitioners, if you do it in a group setting. If you do it alone I recommend listening to recorded ASM meditation to stabilise your energy.


It is highly recommended to work on releasing energy blocks using Altered States Meditation, through workshops or using pre-recorded free mp3 meditation. You can obtain this meditation by subscribing to newsletter on our main website. We also have there links to our remote and local London events: http://www.alteredstatesmeditation.com/events/ Each ASM meditation allows you to go deeper to create stronger waves of energy.

It is very beneficial to receive Reiki attunement, which increases your capacity to work with energy and creates by itself a deep personal healing.

It is important not to discuss those processes outside of the circle of people who understand it deeply. If it happens that you mention it, just point the person to our main website and allow them to process it on their own. In many

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