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List of 3 Best Ways to Save Tik Tok Video in Gallery

The virtual platform to enjoy entertaining videos is tiktok. Now, why not save some of your favourite videos in the gallery. If you think that why to bother when you can watch it online, but often the net is not working, and you cannot watch the videos instantly. 

Also, there are a lot of clips on the platform that you find funny and will make your mood better. Does it ever happen to you? In a decent, sometimes you can relate to your videos and share them with your friends and family. 

Luckily, without a watermark, the tiktok video downloader has the excellent option to save the videos and re-share them. In addition, it can be done on other apps, such as Instagram and Facebook. 

To make your video unique, there is the option for customisation in the tiktok video. If You Are also self-obsessed with creating the content, then save the videos by given the following methods –

Method 1: From tik tok itself

Tick-tock is well-known like other apps and understands the desires of users. Youngsters are obsessive about liking the videos and getting countless likes on their videos. They keep scrolling down the videos until they get bored or move on to the next. 

Hence, Tiktok has the option to save the videos on any device relatively. By examining the video, people can also make it in the same way. It can be saved on a smartphone or a PC to give a unique experience. To save the video from the tick-tock apps, follow the easy peasy steps given below –

  1. Go to the App Store or play store and download the tik-tok. Make your account on the tick-tock to make the process easy.
  2. There is the cross icon click on it. It is right there in the bottom right.
  3. Once clicking, there are several options visible on the screen. First, click on the save video.
  4. Wow! After a single click, the video gets downloaded within seconds on your device. Isn’t it interesting?
  5. Tick-tock itself give a seamless experience to users for downloading the videos. It is a hassle-free option that saves a lot of time. People can keep scrolling down and save the videos without going from app to app. It quests the thirst of people for videos.

Method 2: Save video from online

Here comes the second method. TikTok videos can be downloaded online as well. There is an app named tick-tock downloader or non-as TTD downloader. It is an online tool that is helpful for people To save their favourite videos relatively. 

There is an excellent library of TikTok videos that people can save without making much effort. There are so many advantages to following these steps, such as –

  • Whether using a PC, android, tablet or iOS, click on the save tick-tock video to proceed.
  • There are several formats available such as MP3, and MP4, so you can save them in any.
  • There is an option on the screen to remove the watermark. For downloading the TikTok videos, there is no need to download the app, as you can go with the video URL. It’s a straightforward process.
  • The great advantage of using the URL is that it does not require registration or installation of the app.
  • Also, there are no fees for downloading the videos. So people can download the unlimited one.

Surely, it will not be very convincing for you to download the videos through the URL. So why not follow some easy steps. Here you go.

  1. Open the link www.ttdowloader.com in the browser.
  2. Go to the video you like on tick-tock and right-click on add. Then, tap on the link and copy the address for an easy way to download it.
  3. Paste the link in the text box of the TTD downloader. The options will be there, and click on the get video. A menu will appear with distinct options.
  4. There are some formats in through you can download the video. Click on the download video as per your desire. The video will be saved in your gallery within minutes.

Method 3: Save by the third party

Google store has the tick-tock video downloading app commonly named Tikmate. This fabulous option offers superfast downloading and even for free. People can easily download the TikTok videos from the application. 

The unlimited videos can be downloaded without even logging in to the ID. This will not make you feel tiring, and you will instantly love the app. For adding more, it is not a downloader only. You can also play the videos and explore as many as you want. 

Remember that the video you are downloading will be saved to the TikTok app, so you don’t need to search your gallery. Some of the apps are complicated, but tikmate is a fabulous option for saving your favourite video. Read the steps given below to know more about –

  1. Download the tikmate from the Google store and launch it.
  2. Go to the TikTok app and select the video you want to say. Then, select the option save by swiping left and clicking others. The option will be there selected to open the video with tikmate.
  3. The link you have copied, paste into the application. It will directly get sure to the Tikmate.
  4. It will begin to download the video and save it in the gallery within minutes. Also, it will get saved in the tikmate library.

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