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April 13, 2022

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How To Lose Face Fat: A Look At Surgical And Non Surgical Methods

October 28, 2020

If you are like many people, facial fat can be...

Quiniela : How To Play?

Are you into sports and betting? then you’re at the right place. Quiniela is betting on sports. However, that’s not it, other things come along with it. Like any other game, it also has its rules and regulations, but you do not need to worry about it as that just makes it more fun. It’s not complicated and anybody can do it if they are into sports betting. 

Betting is fun especially for those who already have plenty of cash and do not have to worry about losing their money but for those who do not have much money. It can be risky and might give you anxiety or make you anxious. That’s why you need to know how to play so you do not end up losing your money instead get more money. 

If you’re good at decision making, into sports and also a little bit fortunate. Well then it is your time to shine as quiniela is here for you to earn lots and lots of money. 

The right way to play quiniela and win 

In case you didn’t know. This game is based on chance where the person who bets has to predict who is going to win. For the people that predicted correctly won the prize money and those that got it wrong lost. 

And if you think the bettors who won just won because of their luck you are wrong because it is necessary for luck. You also need to have the required skills for being able to make the right decision and win. You cannot and should not only be dependent upon your luck. Since sometimes you get lucky whereas sometimes you get unlucky. But here’s the thing about skills, they are going to stick with you no matter and make you win. So focus on your skills and not luck. 

  • Exact direct bet : 

This one is important. It is made on the numbers of 1,2,3 or 4 figures to an individual and a particular part of location inside the extract of the prizes of 20.

  • Direct bet by extension :

This one is created on several 1,2,3 or 4 digits upward or in between the particular location inside the 20 prizes. 

  • Exact redouble bet :

Unlike, exact direct bet and direct bet by extension, this is the one that has 2 numbers of 2 figures to 2 particular locations if the inside. It is chosen amongst the 20 digits that create the pool of the specific jurisdiction. 

  • Redouble bets by spread :

Redouble bets by spread is the one that is created on 2-2 figure numbers in between any selected location inside the 20 prices of the particular jurisdiction. 

In the Argentinean billiard tradition, there is a dream interpretation table derived from the Neapolitan smorfia. The construction of the meaning of dreams and their numerical ratio are associated with the Holy Horse.


This was some information about quiniela for those who are interested in sports and betting and also for those who are just discovering it and want to explore their field of interest.

How to use the sexual energy for manifesting and healing… – Altered States Meditation

Our civilisation is very restrictive. In my opinion it comes from attempts to control others and the most powerful way to do it, is to limit access to what humans want and need. We all need and want to have sex and money. Sexual drive is a deeply seeded survival instinct and not using or at least transmuting this energy may cause significant life pressure. In our current civilisation the money is simply necessary to survive. It is easy to see why all people need both to be happy and enjoy life.

Religions, government and all types of organizations focused their power on controlling access to sex to increase their own power, to the point that many of us want sex and at the same time feel guilty and judged, even just wanting it.

Abraham rightfully calls sex energy just an energy. Everything really is energy and sex energy is not that different. It could bring a lot of life enjoyment, buy it also some qualities not known that well, because most of people simply focus on having sex and orgasm. You can however use sexual energy in a much deeper way, for healing and manifesting of what you really want.

Isn’t it interesting that energy that created you, which also created the world and continuously supports your existence, is by some hidden inner layer of subconscious mind programming often seen as wrong or even sinful? You might not agree with this thinking that you are free from those limitations, but a program may still be hiding in your subconscious mind.

Many people might feel lucky to be raised in an open minded environment, so they would not experience this limiting programming. For many it was not an option, but it is good to understand that if you have this specific energy block, it is because you did choose to heal it in this life and by doing so, you could reach even further than a person that does not need to work on it. It is simply because each energy has duality and whatever is the limitation, also has a huge potential to be your source of power.

I was born in a strictly catholic country, so I became soaked by the Christian guilt, just by living there. It simply was in the air, which I was breathing in. It is a life long process to release and transform it, yet whatever is the challenge that we all face, also could be a source of an amazing transformation and discovery of your own power, through your conscious healing process.

I will write another blog about my own spiritual discoveries, but I outlined her how you could use your sensuality to transform your life. I directly experienced all what I describe here, therefore I know that it works. I was not indoctrinated into any cult, religion or secret society. It came from my own life experiences, that were divinely inspired and further clarified by non-physical and physical teachers. Sometimes one word or image passed to me by my spiritual masters triggers a chain of finding leading to new options in life.

What is important

  • You create your life based on principles thought by Abraham Hicks in ‘The Law of Attraction’
  • The manifesting and healing is slowed down by your own resistance created by logical mind and thought processes.
  • You can release the resistance and you also can add more powerful energy to heal and manifest your desires.

Sexual energy flows like a water around any obstacles and has an extremely strong capability to help you to manifest what you want. If some routes are blocked, it will simply flow in another way and it cannot be stopped or blocked. That is what is unique about this energy.

Five steps to heal or manifest using sexual energy

Preparation stage – raising the sensuality

The goal is to maximise the accumulation of sexual energy in the root/sacral chakra. The leading chakra is your sacral, but for many people accumulation may also be felt strongly at the root level. It really is irrelevant where do you feel it, as we all are slightly different.

My personal preference is to work with a partner to raise the sexual energy, but it is not required. You also do not need to reach the state of orgasm, to achieve your manifesting goals or to create the healing, however you may venture into it in the fourth stage, if you wanted to. To raise your sexual energy you simply need to focus on sensuality and support it with exercises listed below. As you focus your mind on what excites you, on what you simply associate with great sex, your energy will raise.


Most of tantric massage techniques are very helpful. If you are not familiar with it, you can just move energy with your hands, massaging the body muscles or moving hands just above the skin level (for people who do not tolerate any touch), helping to accumulate more and more of sexual energy. You start at the bottom of feet and move/massage legs up and guide the energy toward the root and sacral chakra. Than you do similar movement/massage starting with hands, arms, top of the head and flowing down through all chakras toward sacral chakra. As you do it, imagine the energy movement and accumulation of it. It is very beneficial to move the energy through the kidneys to increase natural clearing, in particular when you move it from the upper body area.

Make clock wise circles with your hand at the sacral chakra (front and back of the body – back of the body might be easier, if you do not know well your partner). Sacral chakra is located between your navel solar plexus and the root chakra. If you are sensitive to the energy, you will immediately feel that this area becomes hot, when you focus your thoughts on sensuality. When you do this exercise with another person, it usually creates a much higher energetic level, not to mention that it is more pleasurable.

At this stage you just consciously accumulate sexual energy at the root/sacral chakra, raising your sensuality.

It is important to recognise that sexual energy is also the love energy, therefore focusing on what you love does enhance your results and the experience. You can do it in waves – raising sexual energy and then focusing on what you love and switching back to sensuality. When you choose subject representing what you love, you should choose the subject that does not create ambivalent feelings. If you send love to your partner, focus on his/her higher self, rather than on this specific incarnation, that might not be perfect. You may also imagine making love to your new imaginary soulmate, even if you did not find one yet.

Stage two – moving accumulated energy to the extended heart chakra

Use your heart chakra as the final container for the accumulated energy. Expanded heart chakra includes solar plexus and throat chakra. You can repeat accumulating the energy in the sacral/root chakra 2-3 times and move it to more permanent storage at the expanded heart chakra. You might feel at certain point, that you cannot accumulate any more energy at the heart level and this is the time to move to the stage three.

At this point nearly all your chakras are very active and once you accumulated significant amount of energy, which usually you can feel, it is time to move forward. If you overflow heart chakra beyond its capacity, the energy simply leaks, so there is no danger. As you keep working with energy, your personal capacity to accumulate more energy will increase.


Guide the energy with your hands and imagination from the sacral/root area to expanded heart chakra. Use very fluid and slow movement at the front and/or back of the body, do not rush at any stage.

Stage three for Manifesting

Focus on what you want to manifest using flow dreaming. You imagine what you want in your third eye chakra. As you imagine it, it has to produce feelings, positive emotions. Just the image is not sufficient to trigger a really strong manifesting. You also start connecting expanded heart chakra to your third eye, feeding the energy to your vision, but you do not use all of it. You kind of expand energy from heart chakra to the third eye. Usually it adds bright colours or other sensations, but the most important is to experience positive emotions created by your vision, as it is the main source for the coming manifestation or healing.

Stage three for Healing

To trigger the healing process imagine in your third eye area results you want to accomplish and how it would feel. The emotions, positive feelings is essential for the process to fully work.

Communicate in your mind with the community of your cells to accept the healing energy you will direct there, to assist the healing. Clearly express the results you would like to achieve working with intelligent, co-operative community of cells of your body. Express in your thoughts and feelings your appreciation for your body and send it love. This is the best of what you have at the physical level.

State in your mind – I allow myself to be healed and use other positive affirmations that you love. Imagine how it will feel once you are healed, how your family and loved once will react to it. How elated you will feel being healthy.

Stage Four for Manifesting

Move all accumulated energy into pineal gland, behind your third eye chakra and project it as vibrations into the Universe caring with it your emotions, images, desires.

If you intend to experience orgasm, you can do it at this expansion stage, as it intensifies energy flow, but it is not really required and it is your personal choice depending also on circumstances related to how you do the exercise. If you experience orgasm try to come into it slowly, prolong it and use it as final energy wave send for manifesting.

Stage Four for Healing

Move all accumulated energy through pineal gland, behind the third eye chakra sending it into the part of your body that requires healing. Include positive emotions, feelings, imaginary, positive affirmations.

If you experience orgasm arrive at it slowly, prolong it and use it to send the final massive wave of healing energy.

Stage Five – closing

In both cases you clearly feel that you did send a powerful wave of energy. For manifesting it is directed outside to trigger all co-operative components, creating situations supporting you, meeting new friends, a lover or a soul-mate. For healing it is directed inward, to your body to lay new pipes transmitting healing energy that is send to you all the time, but that sometimes is blocked at the unconscious level.

Orgasm can be experienced as a top wave of energy you are sending and if you decide to experience it, do not rush into it and try ride it as long as possible.

After sending the energy wave allow the energy to balance and stabilise in your body in natural way. If you feel pain or discomfort, it is usually related to existing energy blocks. You can receive hands on assistance from one of Reiki/energy healing practitioners, if you do it in a group setting. If you do it alone I recommend listening to recorded ASM meditation to stabilise your energy.


It is highly recommended to work on releasing energy blocks using Altered States Meditation, through workshops or using pre-recorded free mp3 meditation. You can obtain this meditation by subscribing to newsletter on our main website. We also have there links to our remote and local London events: Each ASM meditation allows you to go deeper to create stronger waves of energy.

It is very beneficial to receive Reiki attunement, which increases your capacity to work with energy and creates by itself a deep personal healing.

It is important not to discuss those processes outside of the circle of people who understand it deeply. If it happens that you mention it, just point the person to our main website and allow them to process it on their own. In many

How To Lose Face Fat: A Look At Surgical And Non Surgical Methods

If you are like many people, facial fat can be one of the things that you hate most about the way you look. You might be trying to deal with an extra chin or two, chipmunk cheeks or jowls that have formed over time. If you do, you may not realize what treatment alternatives you have that you can use to correct the problem. The following information may be just what you need to deal with the situation safely and effectively.

If you do want to correct any issues relating to losing facial fat you will need to decide between surgical treatments and non-surgical methods of dealing with your problem areas. There are problems with both of these, such as the potential side effects of surgical methods. There are benefits to non-surgical methods however many people may wish that the effects would be more visible earlier in the treatment regimen.

If you talk to people who have had face fat removed, most of them have done so by means of liposuction or a face lift. Liposuction is the removal of fat deposits from under the skin. A face lift also removes fat but it also cuts away excess skin and can also tighten facial muscles and this gives a very youthful appearance. Good plastic surgeons will know which procedure will work best and may suggest a combination of several procedures.

If you are more interested in non-surgical methods of losing face fat, you may need to look at reducing the overall levels of fat in your body. You will also often use products to tone your facial skin and make it tighter after the fat has been burned away. There are many highly effective cosmetic creams and lotions on the market that can make this much easier than you might think. If you were hoping to be able to reduce only the fat on your face, you may be upset to learn that you need to reduce your overall fat levels before your face fat is lost, and this may take longer than you want.

Regardless of whether you are considering using diet or surgery to improve the look of your face, you need to think about how it can affect your health. In order to make the best choices you need to think about the benefits and the potential problems that can arise as a result of any choice you make.

The face can often be very sensitive and can react badly to changes and treatments that you subject it to. It is for this reason, as well as the fact that a person’s face is such a public part of their appearance, that they spend so much time and energy on their appearance. But by learning how choices can affect your health you will be able to stay healthy and look beautiful all at the same time.

Many people have found that the best ways to reduce face fat is through a trial an error process. Hopefully this report will enlighten you on some of the other known best ways to lose facial fat techniques.

How Can Taking The Prescription Drug Warfarin Cause Me To Bruise Easily?

If you were to think of bruises in a normal context, you would probably only be considering the off-colored marks that take place when you have fallen down or when you have bumped into something too roughly. Your thought process would probably change if you looked down and suddenly determined that you now had unexplained blue and purple bruises on your extremities. For people taking the prescription drug Warfarin, this sudden realization is a too common occurrence, but if you are new to using Warfarin, you would probably find this situation startling.

Warfarin is a prescription drug that is often prescribed to people who have a tendency towards thrombosis or for people who have already formed a blood clot. When it is taken, it can help reduce the risk of embolism by reducing the size of the clot and helping prevent new clots from forming. It is often prescribed to people who have suffered a heart attack.

If you have been prescribed Warfarin, you may find that you are now noticing purple bruises on your arms and legs that didn’t seem to appear before you started your new subscription. While the bruises are probably caused by taking this prescription, you still need to understand why the bruising is occurring and how you can help prevent it.

In the first place, be aware of the fact that Warfarin is a blood thinner and anti-coagulant. This drug prevents blood clots through reducing your body’s ability to clot blood by inhibiting the action of vitamin K, and because of that, relatively minor contusions will bleed more than they would if the Warfarin was not being taken.

Think about the way that a bruise is formed. You will find that a bruise is formed when a blood vessel under the skin is ruptured even if the skin itself is not. The blood leaks beneath the skin, giving bruises their dark coloration, and the more blood vessels that are broken, the larger and darker the bruise will be.

Bruises can be very dramatic when a person is using Warfarin, because the blood is not clotting, and more blood comes closer to the surface of the skin. Consider all the times when you bark your shin, or when you bump into a countertop or a doorframe. When using Warfarin these instances can cause bruises that look like you have tumbled down the stairs.

Start by speaking to your doctor if you are looking for a way to prevent the bruises that occur thanks to Warfarin. There could be alternative or replacement medications for Warfarin that will help reduce the bruising, but these alternatives might be more expensive or more difficult to find. Keep in mind that blood thinning is the primary purpose fulfilled by Warfarin.

You don’t need to feel helpless when it comes to trying to overcome your easy bruising. You may find that the unique, all natural formula found in the Bruises Be Banned daily program can be the right solution for you. You probably won’t be able to avoid bruising completely, but you can take steps to combat the situation. Following the Bruises Be Banned daily program can help you overcome your tendency to bruise easily, but more importantly, it can help you reduce bruising or prevent bruising altogether before you bruise in the first place.

How To Identify The Early Indicators Of Drug Addiction And How To Deal With It

People do not start off using drugs with the objective to become addicted. Drug addiction can be a sneaky foe sneaking up on a person before she or he is aware of it. Addicts didn’t set out to destroy their day-to-day lives on purpose. All these people wanted to do was have just a little fun, escape just a little anxiety, feel just a little bit more mainstream.

However drug addiction is a quite real outcome of drug use. For many, drugs appear to be a ways of avoiding mental and/or physical pain by providing the user with a momentary and illusionary escape from or option to cope with life’s realities.

Example, someone tries drugs or alcohol. The drugs Seem to solve his problem. He feels better. Because he now Seems better able to deal with life, the drugs turn out to be valuable to him. The person will look on drugs or alcohol to counter unwanted feelings. The painkilling results of drugs or alcohol become a remedy for their discomfort.

Inadvertently the drug or alcohol at this time becomes useful simply because it helped them really feel much better. This release is the major reason an individual uses drugs or drinks a 2nd or third time. It really is just a matter of time before this individual will become fully addicted and also loses the capability to control his drug use.

Drug addiction, then, ends up from excessive or continued use of physiologically habit-forming drugs in order to resolve the underlying symptoms of pain or unhappiness.

Any time a person is struggling with drug addiction, they are unable to handle their impulses to use drugs. They consciously Realize that drugs are dangerous for them and in their minds, they want to quit, however when addiction has taken control, it is nearly impossible for them to achieve this. Their bodies have become accustomed to the drug and going without having it is a painful proposition.

Using drugs can turn into a double-edged sword. People start off using drugs to escape stress and guilt from everyday life, but then they are mentally stressed as a result of their shady actions and the only way they know to escape those thoughts is to take even more drugs. It’s a vicious cycle.

Drug addiction has taken hold of practically 35 percent of the United states population, and that figure is just growing. By using effective treatment methods, recovery from drug addiction is probable, but it requires commitment and effort. An individual does not turn out to be addicted to drugs right away, and becoming drug-free won’t happen overnight either. The best part about it is that a drug-free lifestyle is just around the corner – if you go looking for it!

Finding The Easy Ways To Lose Weight That Will Work For You

With the way our society is set up today in the developed world, food is everywhere around us, in all kinds of delectable forms and colors dripping with yummy calories and over the top amounts of sodium and fats; and what do we do???—–we eat it. Food is our comfort blanket, our thumb sucking substitute when things are tough; and it tastes good—-so we eat and eat without regard for our poor systems that have to deal with this caloric onslaught. So most of us eventually reach a point in our lives that we are too heavy and uncomfortable so we start looking for easy ways to lose weight to solve the problem.

One of the biggest culprits in hindering a weight loss plan, is the ingestion of red meat. A great percentage of our diet revolves around red meat: whether as sizzling steaks, or juicy hamburgers, or comforting stews and roasts; all of which can carry lots of calories pound for pound, and a high percentage of fats of the worst kind. If you are serious in losing weight, then one of the easy ways to lose weight is to substitute chicken and seafood and fish for the red meat in your diet, and make sure you have them grilled or baked or steamed, not fried or smothered in gravies and high calorie sauces.

And up pops the ugly head of the specter of the fried food world: don’t even think about it. Leave the world of fried foods behind in your quest for the new and thinner you, and you will be much better off. Doing away with all forms of fried foods on a continuous basis is definitely one of the easy ways to lose weight because you are eliminating all that fat and trans fat interference that comes with every grease laden serving of fried chicken, fries, onion rings, fried fish—–you name it—–if you fry it, forget it. Our national diet is such and our dining out mentality has been brainwashed to the point that even if you ordered a boiled sock for dinner, you would get fries with it. Talk about killing yourself from the inside out, never mind not ever being able to lose weight effectively.

So when you are thinking about easy ways to lose weight, one of the first things that should enter your mind when you enter a restaurant is how to curb your appetite before you overdo it with a gargantuan meal accompanied by appetizers, calorie laden drinks, and maybe dessert. If you are serious about losing weight and want to do something about it, then start your meals with either soup or salad. The reason being that either one will start to fill you up with a lower calorie ratio and not only will you be fooling your brain into feeling full, but you will also be filling your belly with fiber which is a beneficial route to take. A word to the wise: don’t have cream based soups—-make it a broth based or tomato based soup so you go easy on the calories but still have the satisfaction of something warm and filling going into your system.

Okay, the main meal is over—-or it’s mid afternoon, and you want something sweet. What’s the first thing that comes into your mind to satisfy you——-fruit?? Should be. Reach for a piece of fruit when you want something sweet, and steer clear of all that chocolatey gooey creamy dietary disasters that we so readily eat when we are starving or just when we want a taste of sweet after a meal. Your waistline and your overall health will thank you when you include fruit in your diet as your source of sweetness. And it’s a no brainer: it’s one of the easy ways to lose weight and you will come to prefer fruits over the heavy sweets after a time.

The next group to consider when you are searching for easy ways to lose weight is the drinks category. They can be a great help in flushing your system and reducing your appetite and cravings, that is, if you are choosing water: or they can put pound after pound onto your already overloaded frame if you are drinking sugared drinks and alcoholic drinks with abandon. Think about it: many people reach for a sugared soda as a refresher when they need a pick me up, and all they are doing is pouring empty calories into their bodies to be converted later into fat—–not smart. Water is the ruler of the weight loss empire, and if you are put off with drinking plain water, any of the flavored waters will do just as well, or mineral waters work well too. And about the alcohol consumption, for obvious reasons, a little goes a long way: alcohol is also empty calories and can add serious weight if consumed regularly over a period of time, so if you are determined to lose weight—-watch your consumption, or better yet, stop drinking alcohol altogether.

Weight loss can be difficult and it takes a lot of dedication and hard work to lose those unwanted pounds and then maintain the loss. There are lots of easy ways to lose weight, but the main ones are to take in less calories than you are now by changing what you eat; burn more calories than you are now, by exercising more; get rid of your intake of harmful foodstuffs and alcohol and increase you consumption of water. All of these factors will promote your loss of weight and will help you maintain that weight loss over time.

Top Three Benefits Of Using Cuprofen

Cuprofenis a tablet that provides maximum strength ibuprofen. Ibuprofen is a pain reliever that also works as an anti-inflammatory. Cuprofen is able to reduce or completely stop pain and also reduce fevers. Here are the top three conditions that Cuprofen can help improve.


Migraines are headaches that are more intense and harder to treat. The use of just two tablets of Cuprofencan dramatically reduce migraines for 4-6 hours. Cuprofen can work in as little as thirty minutes depending on what is causing the migraine. Migraines can make it hard to think while disrupting daily life. This is why people who get migraines should take Cuprofen whenever the feeling of a migraine comes on. AlthoughCuprofen can reduce migraine pain, it is also important to go to the doctor and find the reason why the migraines are happening. Pain killers are used for momentary relief from pain but do not treat the actual conditions that are causing the pains.


Toothaches can cause some of the most excruciating pain ever felt. Some toothaches feel like there could never be any relief let alone a tablet that may be able to help. However, Cuprofen is perfect for toothaches because each tablet carries a lot of strength and pain relieving ingredients. These tablets are easy to take and should be taken with some food to avoid an upset stomach. After the tablet has been taken, the pain from the toothache can be expected to go down drastically. Cuprofen can be used for many types of pain but toothaches are one of the most common usages for this pain killer. This pain killer is only a temporary fix, the tooth that is causing the pain does need to be treated by a dentist.


Fevers are dangerous and can cause life-long problems if not treated promptly. Cuprofen can be used to lower fevers and keep fevers down. Just a few of these tablets can make an entire fever go down to normal temperature. It is always important to keep fevers down due to the fact that body organs start to shut down once the body has reached the temperature of 104. For these reasons, it is always good to have Cuprofen on hand in case of a fever.

Does Attitude Really Matter Positive Thinking Help You

Attitude is extremely important when dealing with a chronic health problem. I lost my sight when I was 23, which took away my dream of becoming a biochemist and finding cures for the world’s diseases. After many years and many surgeries, I was still legally blind. I had enough vision available to me to put myself through nursing school (if I couldn’t cure them, I could at least nurse them back to health). At 40 I developed Meniere’s disease (an incurable inner ear disease) which nearly cost me my career. After many years of back problems, my back has now flown south for more than just a winter. But I’ve never been one to go down without a fight. After 2 1/2 years of meds, injections, and physical therapy (in the hopes of saving my career), I just had to file for permanent disability and was approved.

My mother always called me an incurable optimist. I’ve always had a incurably positive attitude about everything in life. Laughter is also important, it always makes you feel good. Don’t get me wrong, life’s not all peaches and cream, I have my moments. I’ve found that being able to complete just 1 small thing can make me feel very satisfied. I’m not going to be slaying any more dragons, but I can snip off a piece of it’s tail from time to time. When I have a day that the pain is just being relentless and nothing I do seems to help, I curl up on the couch and throw a movie in that is either funny or really enjoyable (something that makes me feel good inside) and call it a mental fitness day for me. If the pain is making me see red with anger/frustration, I throw in a nice action movie. Sometimes I’ll curl up on the couch with my tablet of graph paper and some nice classical music playing and draw house plans (a long time hobby). I do things that I enjoy, things that relax me, and things that make me feel good inside, as long as it doesn’t require me to move much.

It’s really easy to get sucked into the depressed and hopeless cycle. I find that when I do nothing but sit around feeling the pain, it’s very depressing. I try to make sure that I get out of bed (which isn’t all that difficult since it usually hurts more to stay in bed), clean myself up, and get dressed. And if that’s all I manage to do that day, then it’s far better than doing nothing. It’s still an accomplishment and accomplishing ANYTHING makes me feel better. I may make a lot of gunting, moaning, and ouching while I’m doing it, but at least I did it.

Ummm, sorry for being so long winded (I’ve long been called a chatterbox). I’ll end my novel by letting folks in on a few secrets I’ve discovered. Did you know that nicely padded office chairs are good for more than just sitting at your desk? They’re great for vacuuming. They roll so nicely. They do pose a bit of a problem at the stairs, but stairs are good for sitting on as well as standing on.

Pain Management Doctors

I have a terrific PM MD, plain and simple. The poor guys are scorned by their other specialty physicians who believe PM doctors create addicts. BS! You was an addict before you walked into his office if you are there for party supplies. True PM MDs give you an exhaustive interview, listening for fairy tales; some have a psychologist or two within the practice to interview you before you can join the exclusive club and ALL patients must be referred. Being referred by another PM MD is kind of a ‘get out of jail free’ card – your new doctor puts a lot of faith in his peers, but conducts his own interview nevertheless.

The doctor dispenses the most sought after medications of the street corner pharmacists and his license is on the line with every script he writes; he must be 99.9% sure you are a legitimate pain sufferer. I had a set of x-rays with my name and DOB on them, showing about 10#’s of surgical stainless steel, but that didn’t give me clear passage; the referral from another PM MD was my ticket. I had proved to that clinic, 300 miles away that I was the real deal. I was not out ‘doctor shopping’.

Getting back to their isolation by their peers, any of you that have read my postings know that I believe a good MDs best diagnostic tool is his ears; if you listen to your patient, he will tell you what his problem is. I have actually heard my PHP MD say that “PM doctors are different from us, they listen to their patients instead of other doctors”. They are on a island by themselves; they threw away their membership card to the exclusive club in favor of treating legitimate pain. He is benevolent and caring, you are not a number and face being herded through the turnstiles.

But as you have in every profession, there are good ones and bad ones. I got lucky. Establishing and maintaining a certain level of mutual TRUST and RESPECT is the key to a good doctor-patient relationship. Do not go in early every second or third visit because you ran out of meds. Don’t lie. Your PM MD is on the level medically as your Pastor, Priest or Rabbi is spiritually. They can take a slip every once in a blue moon, but in the 6.5 years with mine, I’ve yet to run out of meds early.

It works for me. I hope it does for you too.

How To Become A Dentist – All The Insider Tips You Need To Know

If you are thinking of becoming a dentist in the UK, I hope that you have thought about your decision long and hard. I say this because, I know it is very structured and long path for you. It is also not as glamorous as it can appear. Although if you have decided that it is the career for you, you are really going to enjoy the journey and all the great fulfillment that comes from this career

Over the past 10 years I have become the go-to for students who know me and want to become a dentist. I have been a qualified dentist for over 10 years and helped my brother at first before the word spread. I have now got together with a team of successful current dental students and teach other students using a programme which we have developed.

Ask yourself these questions if you are considering a career in dentistry… 1) Do I enjoy working with people all the time? 2) do I enjoy working with my hands in a very practical career 3) Can I concentrate and do very small detailed work? 4) Am I patient? If you can answer positively to all of these that is great. Plan your career as early as possible since you will need to pass certain exams and improve your manual dexterity.

At any stage you can improve your chances to get into dental university, But your chances will really improve if you have worked hard at your GCSEs. These universities are looking at your GCSEs now as well since the competition has increased. It also gives them a indication of how you will perform in your A levels. Really make sure you get A/A*’s in biology, chemistry, maths and english. It will really help later.

As a dentist, you will be doing all sorts of gymnastics with your hands. To improve your skill and show that you enjoy working with your hands, make sure you do a hobby which reflects this. It could be anything like fixing cars, knitting etc. It could even be playing the Piano or guitar. This will look really good for you and increase the flexibilty of your hands, which will be really useful when you are a dentist.

The A level stage will seem like the hardest before you get into dental university. This is because you will be applying to all the dental schools while trying to get at least an AAB in your A levels. You will be expected to have biology and chemistry as 2 of your A levels with grades A in both. The other A level, should be either a science or maths, although some universities are a lot more relaxed about this. They all do not accept general studies as another A level.

As well as all the exams, most dental schools will expect good grades at a UKCAT test. This is not such an easy feat. It tests your skills such as verbal reasoning and decision analysis. You will have to practice at this test while you are doing your A levels. Although it seems that this is unrelated to dentistry, it really is, since you will be making instant decisions, for which you will need to draw upon your common sense and analysing abilities.

In your second year of A levels you will be applying to dental schools. This can be quite stressful because they will expect you to write about why you should go to thier dental school and why you want to become a dentist. This personal statement has a lot of weighting with universities. Take your time and get a lot of advice on this. Also work hard at your A levels, as most universities will not accept retakes.