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The Hillhaven Guide To Choosing The Best Condo For You

When selecting a condo that fits all of your needs and wants, you should consider a few key factors. Whether you’re looking at condos in Hillhaven or anywhere else, take some time to weigh these top 5 factors before signing on the dotted line.

1. Location:

One of the most important aspects to consider is where exactly the condo is located. You’ll want to review nearby amenities like parks, schools, grocery stores and restaurants. Consider how close it is to public transportation if you plan on taking the bus or train regularly. Additionally, find out what noise level you can expect from the neighborhood – if it’s too loud or busy for your taste, consider another option.

2. Size:

Most condos have multiple size options available – from studio apartments up through two-story units with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. Think about how many people will live in the space so that you select one big enough for everyone’s needs (without going overboard). Consider storage space like closets or attics and countertops and cabinetry in kitchens/bathrooms when making this decision.

3. Budget:

Budgeting should be considered when choosing any home – whether it’s a condo or not! It’s important to crunch numbers on upfront costs like closing fees and ongoing expenses such as utilities and HOA dues (homeowners association). Ensure you have a realistic understanding of all associated costs before moving forward with any particular unit.

4. Homeowner Association Rules:

Many condominium complexes come with their own set of rules and regulations enforced by an HOA board which may include restrictions on pets, renovations and other activities within the complex itself. Be sure to read over all guidelines carefully before committing so that you know exactly what is expected from each resident before signing anything.

5. Building Amenities:

Some condos offer great building amenities such as pools, gyms or even saunas which can add value to your living experience. Check out what features are included in each unit before deciding which one best fits your individual lifestyle needs.


Choosing a condo is no small task – there are many factors involved that require serious deliberation! From finding one in an ideal location with ample room for all occupants down through checking out building amenities offered – these five tips should help guide you in making an informed decision regarding which unit best fits your needs. Ultimately, remember to trust your gut when determining if a certain condo feels right for you – after all, this will be where you call home!

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