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I have a terrific PM MD, plain and simple. The poor guys are scorned by their other specialty physicians who believe PM doctors create addicts. BS! You was an addict before you walked into his office if you are there for party supplies. True PM MDs give you an exhaustive interview, listening for fairy tales; some have a psychologist or two within the practice to interview you before you can join the exclusive club and ALL patients must be referred. Being referred by another PM MD is kind of a ‘get out of jail free’ card – your new doctor puts a lot of faith in his peers, but conducts his own interview nevertheless.

The doctor dispenses the most sought after medications of the street corner pharmacists and his license is on the line with every script he writes; he must be 99.9% sure you are a legitimate pain sufferer. I had a set of x-rays with my name and DOB on them, showing about 10#’s of surgical stainless steel, but that didn’t give me clear passage; the referral from another PM MD was my ticket. I had proved to that clinic, 300 miles away that I was the real deal. I was not out ‘doctor shopping’.

Getting back to their isolation by their peers, any of you that have read my postings know that I believe a good MDs best diagnostic tool is his ears; if you listen to your patient, he will tell you what his problem is. I have actually heard my PHP MD say that “PM doctors are different from us, they listen to their patients instead of other doctors”. They are on a island by themselves; they threw away their membership card to the exclusive club in favor of treating legitimate pain. He is benevolent and caring, you are not a number and face being herded through the turnstiles.

But as you have in every profession, there are good ones and bad ones. I got lucky. Establishing and maintaining a certain level of mutual TRUST and RESPECT is the key to a good doctor-patient relationship. Do not go in early every second or third visit because you ran out of meds. Don’t lie. Your PM MD is on the level medically as your Pastor, Priest or Rabbi is spiritually. They can take a slip every once in a blue moon, but in the 6.5 years with mine, I’ve yet to run out of meds early.

It works for me. I hope it does for you too.

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