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7 ways to clean your gun safe & nice 

Everything requires cleaning to dust off the extra dirt that gets deposited due to dust or certain bacteria that remain suspended in the air. Also, due to multiple uses, anything can get damaged so a proper maintenance cycle is required to keep the quality intact.  Well, cleaning a gun is not so easy but it is not that difficult either. Though it is true that it requires certain guidelines and techniques to be followed in a particular manner, the process as such is quite simple provided the right tools are used. 

There are many moving parts in a gun and as you know everything that rotates or revolves around a specific focus point needs oiling. ar upper vise block is so because a large amount of energy is needed for that force to generate the desired amount of movement that may lead to friction and heat. This in turn can cause little wear & tear which should be properly cleaned out if you want to ensure that your device works to the best of its efficiency. 

Be it a handgun, rifle, or shotgun, cleaning a gun is almost the same though they require different tools on account of the different structures these types of guns possess. 

The first and foremost thing that should be kept in mind before directly stooping over the task of cleaning a gun is to ensure that it is unloaded and safe. You should remove the magazine and then also remove the round if there is anything there. Since you are holding an extremely lethal weapon, it is not much of work to doubly ensure if there is any cause of worry whatsoever. A single careless action can cost you your life. So, even after looking at the round, look inside the barrel just to be completely safe & secure. 

It is advised that you do not disassemble mindlessly and always look through the manufacturer’s instructions for doing the same. 

Some people use commonplace household appliances to clean their guns. But, it is advised that you invest in specially designed cleaning tools because they guarantee the best results to maintain the shooting quality of the gun. 

Here are some tools that are a must for cleaning a gun:

AR upper vise block

It is a block to securely hold the gun. It is important for proper gun maintenance and cleaning if you do not wish mar the finish of the gun. It is made of highly resistant material that can withstand a long range of pressures.

Cleaning rod 

It is a soft rod usually made up of carbon fiber used to clean the barrel of the firearm. It keeps the accuracy intact and does not leave any scratch marks. It comes with a handle to provide you with the best grip.


These hold the cloth used for cleaning the insides of the barrel in place. These are attached to the cleaning rod.

Cleaning patch

These are one-time-use cleaning fabrics that should be ordered in bulk. 

Cleaning brush

Should be usually bought in bronze metal as they are quite efficient even for stubborn carbon removal. 

Cleaning chemicals

As extreme heat and friction are generated inside the barrel, the right type of chemicals are preferred to protect the sensitive areas. These include solvents, degreasers, lubricants, and protectants to prevent rust. 

Bore snake or Ultrasonic cleaners 

These come with a light that helps remove the inside carbon buildup at a more efficient and faster pace.

Make sure you clean your gun under normal room temperature conditions and place it safely back into a case after cleaning for best effects.  

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